Responsibility to Children

Some mothers mistakenly think that they do not need to give responsibility to their children because they want to do everything for them. Doing everything for your children comes from love. However, what we are talking about here is how your children turn to a good children someday even if they reach puberty stage. In fact, it is given that children whose parents did everything for them from feeding them to the washing of their underwear, are found irresponsible and easily trapped by temptations in their puberty stage. Many good moms whose children are good say that the best way to raise a child is to let them posses the sense of responsibility.

In other words, parents should let their children be responsible in little things rather than doing everything for their children. If parents are like this, their children will grow being drowned with the world’s evilness easily. They have no strength to resist bad things because they neither realize the meaning of choosing what is right from wrong nor understand why they have to resist such. This is because they are not given the chance to do what is right from wrong. If children become responsible in working at home since they were young, they will grow up engraving works in them. Like this, they do not go easily with someone anytime and anywhere because they are thinking of their responsibility. Where as a child who is not responsible in doing even a small thing easily go anywhere and anytime because he is not thinking of any responsibility that he has to do. This is why responsibility is the best way to make a child think mature and explore what is bad and good. They will also be a good people in the society who can be a hope for better future.